5 Cellulite Myths

Those who have cellulite visible on their bodies feel as if they can’t step out in public without being covered up. It is seen as an embarrassing condition, not least because of the amount of myths and misinformation that surrounds it. Cellulite tends to appear in the thighs and stomach area and is not aesthetically pleasing. Individuals with cellulite are so desperate to remove it that they believe just about anything they read if the information in question suggests that removing cellulite is easy and quick. Sadly, there is probably more myth than fact when it comes to cellulite and in this article, we will look at and debunk the most prevalent myths.

Myth Cellulite Is The Sole Preserve Of Overweight People

Fact – It is possible for so-called ‘slim’ people to have cellulite also. Cellulite is less to do with the amount of weight that someone carries and more to do with a person’s lifestyle while certain genetic factors can also come into play. Believe it or not, there are numerous overweight people who have somehow managed to completely avoid cellulite!

Myth – Cellulite Is A Female Problem

Fact – While more women than men have issues with cellulite, males are not spared from the orange peel skin effect. Men can be genetically predisposed to cellulite production and an unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to it. The main reason why people think it is a female only problem is because society tends to focus on cellulite in women.

Myth – Exercise Alone Can Remove Cellulite

Fact – Although exercise and a healthy diet can certainly improve a person’s health and skin appearance, it is not some magical combination. In the world of health and fitness, it is commonly believed that endless crunches will remove belly fat and this myth seems to have carried over to the field of cellulite removal. In actual fact, you need to remove body fat to see your abs just like you can lose body fat to reduce instances of cellulite. However, overdoing the cardio and losing a large amount of muscle mass will only make existing cellulite more apparent so tread carefully.

Myth – There Are ‘Quick Fix’ Cellulite Removal Products

Fact – There are cellulite removal creams that work over the course of time. Admittedly, plastic surgery and liposuction can significantly reduce cellulite overnight but at a very high financial cost. Additionally, if you have the surgery but don’t clean up your lifestyle, the cellulite will simply return to haunt you once again. Your best bet is to try a top cellulite removal cream AND clean up your lifestyle.

Myth – Cellulite Is Only A Cosmetic Problem

Fact – Quite a large number of those with cellulite notice that it causes them pain. While it is not indicative of any medical condition, cellulite is tender to the touch.

Hopefully we have cleared up some of the myth surrounding cellulite and you can begin finding a genuinely effective method of removing it from your body.

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