5 Unusual Methods Of Reducing & Removing Cellulite

It is believed that cellulite affects approximately 90% of women. However, there was once a time when women with large thighs were simply deemed to be strong, powerful and sexy. Did you know that the term ‘cellulite’ was only coined from the 1970s onward and that a French dietician is responsible? This individual promised treatments to remove it and decades later, almost every woman in the world is eager to remove the unattractive orange skin that can be seen predominantly on the thighs or abdomen.

Cellulite removal products sell in their millions worldwide while the United States alone has seen a 170% increase in liposuction procedures performed on women in the last decade. So, how do women remove cellulite and can it be done without spending a small fortune. ‘Yes’ is the answer as it happens and we outline 5 uncommon cellulite reduction and removal treatments below.

1 – Skincare

We are not just talking about purchasing cellulite removal creams although these can be extremely effective. Ancient techniques such as skin brushing and oil bathing are said to be effective by those who utilize them. It is believed that effective skincare reduces the load on the lymphatic system by improving the skin’s ability to act as a detox pathway.

2 – Saturated Fats

It seems unbelievable to suggest that introducing saturated fats to your diet could yield great results but a diet rich in fat soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K along with essential fatty acids can repair fatty tissue in your body that has been damaged. Healthy fat sources include cheese, butter and coconut oil. However, you do need to avoid traditional vegetable oils as they contain Trans fats.

3 – Bikram Yoga

It is said that Bikram Yoga and other Eastern arts such as tai chi were developed to improve the body’s lymphatic flow. Bikram Yoga takes place in a heated room and this heat causes sweating which is an excellent way of detoxing through the skin.

4 – Bone Broths

We did say these were unusual tips! Some medical experts suggest that glucosamine is an essential building block for connective tissue. Slow simmered bone broths contain ample amounts of this micronutrient. Vietnamese beef soup, otherwise known as pho, is one of the best and tastiest options.

5 – Investigate

It is incorrect to assume that cellulite appears in different people for the same reasons. There are varying reasons behind the lymphatic congestion of certain individuals so you need to learn more about your own body if you wish to prevent cellulite from forming in the future. While sugar or Trans fats may be the reason, it is possible that you are sensitive to things like fluoride. You need to watch your diet and discover what affects you.

Everyone wants to get rid of cellulite but not everyone is willing to put in the effort. If you really want a healthy, sexy body, you’ll need to make sacrifices if you want to remove cellulite from your life.

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