7 Easy Tips To Reduce Cellulite

No one in the world enjoys discussing cellulite let alone living with it. With nicknames such as cottage cheese thighs and orange peel skin, cellulite has something of a bad reputation and is seen as something all women should fear. A huge percentage of adult women worldwide have cellulite, none of them want it and virtually all of them will try anything to remove it. This is why most women don’t think twice about spending big on expensive cellulite treatments. But wait! Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars, why not follow the less costly cellulite reduction tips below and be delighted with the difference? 

Alkaline Diet

Toxins in the body are known to promote the development of cellulite. What you need to do to remove it is remove these toxins from your cells, organs and tissues. Alkaline forming foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables are alkaline and should make up the basis of your diet. Small steps are essential but eventually, you will find that alkaline foods help draw the toxins out of your body.


If you’re not drinking lots of fresh, pure water, begin today! Water helps flush the toxins out so alkaline foods alone will be ineffective if you are drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated. If the bland taste of water is off-putting, try adding lemon slices to give it some extra zest. Remember, coffee and tea are dehydrating so if you must drink them, be sure to consume extra water to make up for it.

Use Sea Salt

Put away your table salt and swap it with sea salt. Normal refined salt is acidic and takes minerals from your body as well as having a dehydrating effect and as you now know, dehydration only promotes cellulite production. Sea and crystal salt are filled with alkaline goodness and allow your body to preserve its minerals.


While eating more alkaline food draws the toxins out, you still need to remove them completely. This is where a full detox comes into play. It may not be a particularly pleasant experience but colon cleansing really does a fantastic job of detoxing the body. Your bowel is where the most waste can safely be removed from the body so if you’re serious about removing cellulite, starting thinking of a colonic!

Skin Brushing

Skin brushing and a massage are great for stimulating your lymphatic system as they help toxins get circulated for release. In fact, skin brushing can be used to target specific areas of cellulite. You should consider skin brushing over areas where cellulite currently resides for a minute once a week to begin with. Over time, you can slowly work up in order to prevent skin sensitivity.


As well as releasing those welcome feel-good endorphins, exercise also makes you sweat and this act helps toxins to be released from the body. In addition, regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet will tighten and tone your body. Even if there is still cellulite remaining, the rest of your body will look so good that no one will even notice!

Reduce Medication

Although there are excellent cellulite removal creams on the market, you need to avoid medications that thin out the skin. After all, the thinner the skin, the more obvious the cellulite will be. In addition, your skin will show its age with imperfections easier to spot. Now you need to take these cellulite reduction tips and put them into action. Take the tip that is easiest for you to perform and get after it! Gradually add the other tips and when you utilize all seven, you will marvel at the amount of cellulite you have lost.

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