Essential Celebrity Cellulite Secrets

Every woman wants toned and sculpted thighs free of cellulite, just like their celebrity heroes. Celebrity women are constantly in the glare of the media and if they have any semblance of cellulite, some tabloid will pick up on it. Therefore, women like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz are continually waging a battle against unappealing orange skin.

According to dermatologists that work with celebrities, even super skinny models have cellulite problems as evidenced by famous photos taken of supermodel Kate Moss in 2011 which highlighted how the wafer-thin starlet had cellulite on her legs. It is important to note that cellulite can appear on slim people because it is primarily a skin cellular issue rather than a problem with fat. Even liposuction is ineffective in the war against cellulite.

What To Avoid

Celebrities must adhere to the same rules as everyone else when it comes to dealing with cellulite. This means cutting sugar, alcohol, processed foods, salty snacks, high GI carbohydrates like white rice and artificial sweeteners from their diet.


What To Eat

The following are favored celebrity food choices: Fish Carrots Bell peppers Herbal tea Eggs Nuts Green vegetables.

Celebrity Secrets

Naturally, every celebrity has secrets to help them confidently fight against cellulite. There is an important lesson to be learned here; there is no single ‘cure’ for cellulite that works for everyone. We all have to learn what our body reacts well to and what increases cellulite production. Below is a quick list of celebrities and what they do to avoid cellulite.

Claudia Schiffer

She ensures that her diet is rich in lecithin by consuming tomato juice and drinks herbal teas for antioxidants. She also eats avocados and salmon in order to get her essential fatty acids.

Jennifer Lopez

Like Claudia, J-Lo gets plenty of lecithin but she prefers spinach which she eats three times a day. Iceberg lettuce, citrus fruits and flax seeds are also part of her diet.

Cameron Diaz

The Hollywood superstar loves creating a homemade vegetable soup which contains a host of antioxidants. She also drinks green tea and eats pulses.

Jennifer Aniston

She eats lots of essential fatty acids in the form of fresh tuna, canola oil and nuts. Although celebrities have access to the best chefs, ingredients and personal trainers, even they still need to make a huge effort to fight cellulite. No matter how wealthy, talented or famous someone is, this doesn’t prevent cellulite from becoming part of their life. Take a leaf from the book of celebrities and start dining on essential fatty acids, lecithin and antioxidants to stay fighting fit, beach ready and free from cellulite.

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