Is Cellulaze A Fad Or A Genuine Cellulite Solution?

Famously, a survey conducted many years ago asked women if they would prefer to get rid of cellulite or welcome the advent of world peace. Around 70% of women chose the getting rid of cellulite option! It’s small wonder then that the removal of cellulite has spawned a multi-million dollar industry. Cellulite involves fatty deposits getting stuck between the fibrous bands responsible for connecting the skin’s tissues. It leads to the ‘puckering’ effect on skin that is dreaded so much by women.

Interestingly, over 30% of women polled in various nations around the world have admitted that they would strongly consider surgery for cellulite if they knew it would solve the problem. This is in spite of the fact that such treatment would cost several thousand dollars. Originally, surgery for cellulite was a fairly vicious affair that would leave the patient in a great deal of pain and with plenty of scarring to boot. These side effects were hardly surprising since the surgery involved large incisions into the skin with fibrous bands sliced away.

The New Surgical Solution For Cellulite

Although there are numerous surgical options available for cellulite sufferers, a recent breakthrough, known as Cellulaze, has taken off in terms of popularity. The entire procedure takes only 90 minutes with local anaesthetic used and minimal scarring afterwards. This is because very small incisions are made. The inventors of this cellulite solution claim that it is extremely effective and that downtime is minimal.

The procedure involves injecting the affected area with iodine solution before administration of the local anaesthetic. A cannula (metal tube) has a laser attached to it and is inserted into the holes left by the mini incisions. Heat is emitted from the laser and bulges are removed. The surgeons performing the procedure claim that the fibrous bands are divided which makes the skin plump thus removing the appearance of cellulite. The skin is then heated by the laser to increase the body’s collagen production which should result in firmer and tighter skin after 6-12 months.

Those who have used the surgery so far have praised the procedure and claim that it has in fact reduced their cellulite. Over 100 patients in the United States have been tracked and it has been confirmed that the results of Cellulaze have not vanished after 12 months. Women with skin conditions such as Eczema are not suitable candidates for the surgery. It is important to note that cellulite is considered to be a condition with many different grades. While Cellulaze may not completely eradicate it, the procedure should see a reduction of 2-3 levels at least. Although the procedure is far from being proven as a genuine cure for cellulite, it does offer hope that the orange peel skin effect can be combated after all.

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