Is The Solution To The Problem Of Cellulite Really Contained In a Cream?

In the Internet age, the number of instant cures has reached epidemic levels. For every illness, malady or irritating condition there seems to be thousands of different solutions. The anti-cellulite market is one of the biggest examples of this cult of exploitation as it is an unpleasant skin condition that affects the vast majority of women. This makes it a prime candidate for a plethora of magic potions and the market duly delivers.

Aside from the usual home remedies and surgical procedures, there are hundreds of creams available; some of which claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite while other manufacturers boldly state that their cream will eliminate cellulite altogether.

But Do They Actually Work?

Consumers need to be aware of cellulite creams that do little but sit on the surface. This seems to comprise much of the market unfortunately. Obviously, a cellulite cream that stays on the surface of the skin will have absolutely no effect. Anti-cellulite cream manufacturers that say they have ‘advanced’ products tend to suggest that they have unique delivery systems which penetrate the skin deeply and effectively take on the cellulite scourge.

There have been some interesting findings relating to specific cellulite creams with some manufacturers pointing to test results which prove their product reduced the appearance of cellulite by up to 40% in 8 weeks.

However, claims such as this need to be taken with a pinch of salt since in the vast majority of cases, the sample study was far too small to give an accurate representation of what the cream can do. Yet virtually every cellulite cream manufacturer states that consumers must also follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

They try to suggest that a combination of the anti-cellulite cream and a healthy lifestyle will produce the best results. Some women swear that adopting a better quality of lifestyle alone helped them reduce cellulite while certain medical experts believe that diet and exercise has no effect on cellulite whatsoever.

Sensible Choices

If you do opt for an anti-cellulite cream, it is best to play it safe and choose a product from a well-known and respected beauty label. While this does not guarantee results, it does decrease the likelihood that you will be ripped off. After all, these companies have lofty reputations to live up to and will at least try and create an anti-cellulite cream that works.

Always avoid products that promise fast results because even manufacturers of the most advanced anti-cellulite creams on the market suggest that it will take 8 weeks for someone to see any real results. We will leave it to the consumer to decide if this is true or if it is a cynical ploy by anti-cellulite cream makers to cover their backs and perhaps sell several tubes of cream before a consumer realizes that it will not work.

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